Controlling and preventing mineral build-up in irrigation systems is essential.
The more scale builds up, the harder pumping equipment needs to work.
Ironically, the harder it works, the less effective traditional antiscalants are.
In tests, one popular antiscalant failed after 15 hours. A second antiscalant failed after just 15 minutes.
When the efficiency and longevity of equipment is affected by scale build-up, that’s not acceptable.
This led Earth Science Laboratories to develop a proprietary blend of chemicals that prevent scale better than any current antiscalant.
They last many times longer than current antiscalants.
There’s no premixing required.
They work at low dose rates.
They extend the life of equipment.
They’re earth friendly.
There’s an Earth Science Laboratories antiscalant for each of these sectors: Municipal & Industry, Agriculture and Recreation.