Murray Jones has worked in the water industry for over 30 years. Having worked across multiple water treatment facilities, including large industry, he was well aware of the shortcomings of existing algae and scale control products.

After learning about a novel chemical platform technology that was yielding remarkable results in a variety of water treatment applications in the USA, Murray Jones organised a visit to Earth Science Laboratories in late 2019.

Numerous discussions and visits were made with some of ESL’s customers to learn more about the company, its products and underlying chemistry, and the range of uses. Feedback from ESL’s customers included consistent praise of the efficacy of the products, improved safety and handling, improved water quality, and the eco-friendly traits of the products.

In addition to using less chemicals to control nuisance algae and blue green algae, other benefits included little to no harmful impacts on non-target organisms (e.g., no fish kills) as well as less taste and odour problems, lower water treatment costs. At that point, it was decided that this technology should be introduced to Australia.

Murray JonesManaging Director Australia & New Zealand
Grant SimsGeneral Manager Australia & New Zealand
Ken SteelOperations Director
Jean Du BoisSales Manager Municipality & Industry Northern Australia